NUCLEOSHIELD®: The Hidden Key for Boosted Laban ng Katawan

NUCLEOSHIELD® could be a key to giving your child Boosted Laban ng Katawan! Pero ano ba ang NUCLEOSHIELD®?

NUCLEOSHIELD® are the 5 Major Nucleotides found in Bonakid Pre-School 3+. Nucleotides are the same things that make up our DNA. They are naturally found in our bodies but adding them to your child’s diet can provide additional immunity benefits to fight off diseases.1

With Nucleotides, your child’s immune system can create even more cells that protect against bacteria and viruses. It also makes these cells stronger, to be able to fight off bacteria and viruses that can make your child sick.1

Another way to prevent diseases is through vaccination    did you know that Nucleotides can make vaccines even more effective? It is clinically proven to strengthen vaccine defense and enhance antibody responses against diseases like Flu diphtheria and polio.2,3   

So moms, make sure that your 3+ child has Boosted Laban ng Katawan with the help of Bonakid Pre- School 3+! It is the only formula milk with NUCLEOSHIELD® and boosted immunity nutrients to help give your child Boosted Laban ng Katawan!


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